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Pakistan Alumni Association welcomes the alumni to Alumni Family. To learn more about Pakistan Alumni Association please register with us.

Registering with Pakistan Alumni Association will provide you an opportunity to be a part of your Friends Family, to link up with your batch fellows. This is a lifelong association. By becoming a member of Pakistan Alumni Association you will be able to participate in the programs and events organized by the Pakistan Alumni Association. Our programs provide a great opportunity to connect with fellow graduates, share memories and maintain a strong link with the university and provide updates about Education.

Pakistan Alumni Association (PAA) is a platform for students of Pakistan and its friendly countries around the globe.It provides an opportunity to each member of the Pakistan Alumni Association to connect to each other,exchange views , ideas, organize events ,gathering and share anything of mutual interest. The idea was envisioned by a small group of students from Afghanistan, who came to study in Pakistan. Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) was requested to provide assistance to PAA in the shape of support office. They were kind to provide necessary assistance. That became the basis of formation of PAA.

It has also been given a thought to expand it to other countries students who have been with any group or any time. It includes old, current and future students, with the hope that it will be mutually rewarding. Anyone from any other country who has ever been visited Pakistan for studies. This includes any scholarship students, self financed, students exchange program and so on.

It provides variety of benefits and services that help Alumni maintain connections to their respective institutions, fellows and beyond.

Networking opportunities

-  Educational Expo

-  Career Networking  

-  Educational Programs  

  - Sports Events

-  Reunions Dinners  

-  Volunteer Projects

-  Free Career Guidance

-  Recruitment drives opportunities

-  Scholarship opportunities

We encourage our alumni to take full advantage of the Association's programs to make new friends, stay in touch with classmates and keep old connections active. The management of PAA provides huge support for the activities of Alumni Association.

We also welcome your suggestions and comments about the programs and activities of Pakistan Alumni Association.

-  We are proud of our Alumni Members!

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