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Afghan Strategic Support

Afghan Strategic Support

Government of Pakistan offers scholarships to Afghan youth for their capacity building through imparting quality education to Afghan scholars in various fields including Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, and Management and computer science.  Objective of the Scholarship Project to Afghan students and Officials is to enhance people to people contacts between both neighboring states. Under Scholarship program, Government of Pakistan offers scholarships to Afghan youth for their capacity building through imparting quality education. Following two scholarship programs are already being implemented by the HEC in consultation with the MoPD&R, M/oFAs and Embassy of Pakistan in Afghanistan.

  • Financial Support
  • Social Support
  • Environmental Impact
  • Employment Generation

Salient Features

Afghanistan is lacking in opportunities for quality education and this project will set the trend for quality education for talented students from Afghanistan. The selection is made on merit and students are admitted to quality institutions in Pakistan on scholarship basis which is fully funded. The project envisages investing in future and financial benefits will not take place during project period. Education is a long term investment where rate of return commence after completion of education while cost are paid from the startup stage. However, rate of return is high for quality education, 3000 students from Afghanistan would be the direct beneficiaries of the project.

Pakistan is supporting to promote qualified HRD for socio-economic development in Afghanistan. It will positively affect 3000 families in the short run but it will also create a core of talented and qualified manpower in order to improve the socio-economic conditions in Afghanistan. Furthermore, it would help to achieve the Afghan Government agenda for Human Resource Development (HRD) in line with the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Such initiatives will increase people to people contents between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It will be helpful to understand each other’s culture and society which will strengthen over relation with a brother neighboring country.

Pakistan provides for quality education which has a positive impact on environment.

Pakistan’s higher education and capacity building programs will promote employment opportunities for 3000 Afghan graduates on one hand and also create a core of skilled manpower for Afghanistan which is long overdue.